A job at iB Cargo is not just a simple job...

…it’s an opportunity to be part of an ecosystem that operates cohesively, where everyone approaches their role with maximum commitment, as if it were their own business.

Why join the iB Cargo team?

We are fueled by a “can-do” culture, based on teamwork, continuous development, a culture of trust, and support among team members, functioning like clockwork. Each of us has a clearly defined role, which makes us efficient.

If you also want to be part of a culture open to learning and collaboration, if you want to contribute to your success, the success of others, and together reap the rewards of our work, then we invite you to get to know us.

Testimonials from our colleagues:

“My motto is ‘I work with joy and efficiency when I have positive energy,’ and this happens every day at iB CARGO.

It is the job I have always wanted, with daily challenges that stimulate me mentally. For me, iB CARGO is not just a job, but a way of life!”

Denisa, LCL Department

“I have been working at iB CARGO for 12 years. In these years, I have seen how we have all grown both professionally and personally. From young people at the beginning of our journey, we have matured, our families have grown, and we have children; similarly, the company has grown and has its ‘little ones,’ offices in Constanța, Cluj, and Sibiu.”

Vio, FCL Department

“I am glad to be part of this team of professionals who are up to date with everything new, provide quality services and rapid support, and adapt to the current dynamics of the market. An element of great importance for me after these 7 years in this group is that support, trust, support, but also motivation have never been lacking, and this has significantly contributed to my perspective on the value of the company.”

Ioana, LCL Department

“iB CARGO is a big family. The 5 years spent here have passed quickly, typical of beautiful moments. I’ve had many challenges, but each of them helped me grow and become a better professional. And the team, which warmly welcomed me, supported me unconditionally throughout the entire period. Let’s keep it up, iB CARGO!”

Mădălina, External Road Department

“I have been in the iB CARGO team for 6 and a half years because, besides the opportunity to do what I love and develop continuously, the working atmosphere is relaxed, with great colleagues. Everyone’s opinion is heard, you feel safe and free to express yourself, share your point of view, and ideas. There is openness to new things and support to get involved in projects that attract you and where you feel you can contribute.”

Mirela, Financial-Accounting Department

“August 16, 2022 – 5 years have passed since my IB Cargo adventure began. I came with hope and confidence to build my career and be part of a strong team. Over time, with a lot of work and perseverance, I received the opportunity to assert myself and achieve my goals. Thus, today I can say that the decision to join the IB Cargo team was a good one, and I continue to keep my optimism to continue this wonderful experience.”

Cătălin, LCL Department

Available jobs

Welcome! We are glad we caught your attention!

At any stage of your professional journey, no matter which position you are interested in, or if you just want to check out the collaboration opportunities we might have, we look forward to discovering what we can build together!

Let’s go through the first steps, and we await your introduction at the address: hr@ibcargo.com.

See you soon!