Time Critical

Road Transport

Time Critical road transport is the right solution for moving goods that need to reach their destination within a limited time frame.

Time Critical Road Transport is the ideal solution for time-sensitive requests.

Daily Availability of Vehicles

iB CARGO provides daily availability of specialized vehicles for transportation across Europe, allowing you to support your customers or partners with swift deliveries.

Variety of Vehicles

We offer a variety of vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons—vehicles exempt from AVIA driving rules or trucks. The maximum load can vary between 1000 and 1300 kg, and the available floor space accommodates 5-10 Euro pallets.

On-Time Delivery

You have full control over the loading schedule. Your urgent cargo is loaded where and when you want it, onto a suitable vehicle with the additional facilities you need. The delivery time is estimated in hours.

Spot Delivery

We provide you with the fastest available solution, tailored to the type of cargo you have.

Benefits of Time Critical Road Transport with iB Cargo:

Main Industries Covered:


Research and Development


Hi-Tech and Electronics

Spare Parts



Oil, Gas, Energy

Average Transit Time

Information Required When Requesting a Time Critical Road Quote: